NIST Temperature Scale Database (SRD 60), Version 3.0

NIST Temperature Scale Database
Standard Reference Database (SRD) 60

Version 3.0
Last Update to Data Content: 2024

Based on (NIST Monograph 175)

Data Compiled and Evaluated

Donald R. Burgess, Jr.

Software Developed

Angela Y. Lee and Donald R. Burgess, Jr.
FixedPoints Image Thermocouples Image

Technical Contact:

Burgess Jr., Donald R. Dr. (Fed)
(301) 975-2614


This database contains the ITS-90 (International Temperature Scale of 1990) fixed temperature points (exactly 17) and recommended secondary reference temperature points (about 500) along with uncertainties and a comprehensive set of references. In addition, to the recommended values, it contains a large set of individual determinations. This database (as in the prior version) also provides the different thermocouple tables for thermocouples for use on the ITS-90 temperature scale." This database dates to 1995 as a PC version and then ported to an online database in 2000. The database originally simply reproduced the print NIST Monograph 175 [1] and just provide the different thermocouple tables (EMF voltage vs temperature) for Type B, E, J, K, N, R, S, and T thermocouples for use on the ITS-90 temperature scale.[2]